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Welcome to the group!

I suppose I should say hello fellow crochet person (or soon to be)! I hope you find some inspiration on this site and some great ideas to keep you going.

I started this group to help fellow beginners get started on their crochet journey. I started my crochet journey a year ago, but I love it and being able to make things for my friends and family.

I struggled at the beginning to get the tension in my yarn right and how to hold the hook (the usual stuff). The picture below is the first crochet sampler I made to get used to holding the hook and yarn... as you can tell from my model it was not a great success. However, I persevered and then the more I practised, the easier it got.

Picture - My first crochet sampler June 2017

I want to make this an all-inclusive group of all ages, sexes and experience levels so that we can learn from each other and collaborate on big projects together as a team.

This is why I am making the CAL (or crochet along) a key part of our journey so that we can make and support each other during the sessions (and outside via our forums and Facebook page).

I will be holding regular polls to ensure that we are making items that you want to make, so just shout if there is a pattern or tutorial that you are desperate to try!

I will be holding a total beginner session one week per month, so if you are a complete newbie, then these are the sessions to come to. They last an hour, and you will hopefully leave with the basics of how to get started (along with a helpful 10-page guide).

Hope to meet you soon reader - and thanks for dropping by!

Have a great day....

Gill (admin)

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