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By Gill J | Group Leader

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When I started to crochet I learnt from books, YouTube and my mum as most people do.  However, at a certain point, most of the materials out there end up in two categories beginner or advanced. I couldn't see a way of progressing my skills through that no mans land of intermediate and I kept getting stuck, which made me frustrated as I couldn't make the things I wanted to make.

I then discovered the Knitting and Crochet guild ( who are is a UK Charity dedicated to sharing and helping people discover the joy of crochet and knitting.  They help run branches all over the country with like-minded members who share their love of handcrafting with yarn.

However, most of the groups that in my area were mainly knitting focused and not crochet. So I decided to set up a branch under the guild which would focus on crochet and teach people the skills they need to get from beginner to advanced.

We have been going since 2018, and in that time we have made some beautiful items and I've met some fabulous people on our journey.

We meet face to face as a community group based in Daventry in the UK, but since the Coronavirus pandemic, we now meet online via Zoom. Our group is non-profit and dedicated to sharing knowledge about crochet to inspire people to try out new patterns and ideas that they find with confidence.


Gill, Group Leader

I love designing and helping people learn about the wonderful world of crochet.

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