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Visio stencil for Crochet designs

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Free crochet design stencil to download and enjoy

I really enjoy making up patterns, but then a couple of weeks along I forget how to do them - nightmare! I decided as an IT person I could probably do better than unpicking my finished creation to remember.

I regularly use Visio in my day to day job which is a charting tool to create flowcharts, but is it versatile enough to be used for crochet design. If you don't have Visio never fear as you can use Lucidchart ( for free and import the Visio stencil to create your designs.

I have created symbols based on the Yarn Council guidelines, but I am no graphic designer so they might be a little different, but I guess it is OK for hobby designs.

The stencil is available for download FREE - just put a reference in your design to our website.

If you are looking for a design template to record your designs then check out for a basic template. Or if you are looking for a book to store your designs check out:

Enjoy Crochet lovers!

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