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Learn to Crochet From total beginner to
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The Crochet Answer Book (2005)

The Crochet Answer Book (2005)


Edie Eckman




David & Charles

Book Summary:

A little encyclopedia of crochet know-how and top tips and tricks to keep your crochet looking fab


Amazing little book which I keep closeby in case I have any issues or get stuck on any patterns.  Its like a little snapshot of every question I had as a beginner going 'what is that', 'ok how do I do that then',' arghh I made a mistake' and some great conversion charts to help you out with international patterns.  

Topics include: hooks and yarn, basic stitches, working in circles, reading patterns, borders and most importantly problems and fixes.


I think you need to read through once from cover to cover as there are so many varied topics it is hard to know what is there, but once you know it is you can dive in whenever you need to.

In conclusion:

Indispensable book for your crochet journey


5 out of 5

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