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Learn to Crochet From total beginner to
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From Needle to Hook (2002)

From Needle to Hook (2002)


Donna Scott




The Needlecraft Shop

Book Summary:

This book is a complete beginners guide for converting knit patterns to crochet patterns.


How many times have you had a great knitting pattern which you wished you could convert to crochet?  If like me you are great at crochet, but your knitting skills are horrible then this is a great book to show you how.  Its practical content takes you through selecting the correct gauge and stitches for a similar look to how to draw schematics of your garment.  

This book also has a number of patterns covering the knit and crochet version of an item so you can see the conversion in action, which is great to getting to grips with the techniques and skills.

It also breaks it down into knit and purl combinations, diagonal stitches, bobbles, beads and berry stitches and the more complex cables, eyelets and twisted stitches.  


If you are a bit rusty at reading knitting patterns it might take a bit longer to get your head around it, but I have used this book over and over when people have asked for a crochet version of their favourite knit patterns.

In conclusion:

Overall this is a hidden gem of a book which will teach you a great skill on your crochet journey.  Its a pity that I can only find it on secondhand online shops, but a good quality book will keep you going for years.  


5 out of 5

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