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Learn to Crochet From total beginner to
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Cute and easy crochet cosies (2016)

Cute and easy crochet cosies (2016)


Nicki Trench




Cico Books

Book Summary:

35 simple crochet cosies to make and share with family and friends


This is a great book for beginners as you need to work with simple shapes and designs when you first start out.   A lot of other books for beginners get you to make blankets, but I always think it is better to make small quick items which help your confience, skills and knowledge progress - whilst making something you might actually use or gift.  

Lots of lovely ideas like ipad covers, phone holders, hot water bottles, cafetiere cover etc which introduce techniques like buttonholes, openings, joining and embelishments (flowers).


There are a lot of cosies for things which I dont think you would ever think to make (cutlery cosies???), but  that is a minor point.   Pattern introduction is lengthy, and some of the yarn choices are weird as they use expensive yarm - but again a minor point.

In conclusion:

Clear instructions and nice pictures make this a great book for beginners.  


4 out of 5

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