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Learn to Crochet From total beginner to
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500 Crochet Blocks (2013)

500 Crochet Blocks (2013)


Hannah Elgie and Kath Webber




Search Press

Book Summary:

Compendium of the most popular stitch blocks and granny squares today.


This is a great book for beginners.  Lots of patterns to try from the basic to the advanced.  There are clear instructions and also some diagrams to help you out if you get stuck.  I like the fact there are also variants so you can have a go at the base pattern and then at the remixed version (adding colours or variety of stitches).  

There is also a nice intro section for crochet beginners to tell you about yarn, stitches and working in the round.


Some of the stitches are quite advanced for beginners so it is best to work from the front of the book forwards to gain confidence as if you dive into the back without having done any before you might get lost.

In conclusion:

Nice little book to use as a reference for stitches and blocks.  Also teaches you to work in the round and in triangles.  Some of the diagrams could have been clearer as they are so small, but that is a minor point.  Overall worth an investment.


4 out of 5

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